guillaume durrieu

Le Banquet


« Le Banquet » could be the soundtrack of an imaginary film. However, the system of loops set up and fully exploited in an autonomous, magmatic and elusive piece. These repeating patterns evolve through reverb, delay, distortion and harmonization effects. The three instruments_ drums, saxophone, keyboard_ weave independent lines of each other, like a counterpoint. This entanglement creates a sculptural body in constant mutation, like an insatiable monster that self-regenerates.  Music by Guillaume Durrieu, Philippe Dubernet & Gabriel Hibert.

Design & typography by Antje Welde. 

Limited run of 500 pressed on black vinyl 140gr with a matt coated paper jacket & selective varnish for the title. Black inner sleeve. This LP record was produced as a part of the exhibition  » Guillaume Durrieu – Le Banquet  » at BBB – Center for Contemporary Art, Toulouse (France), 2017 Co-production with BBB – Center for Contemporary Art & the support of Galerie Rabouan Moussion April 2017.

 20 € 


michel bulteau & serge teyssot-gay

Mexico City Blues

Mexico City Blues is the final set of a concert of French poet Michel Bulteau & guitarist Serge Teyssot-Gay (ex-member of famous french rock band Noir Désir) played October 7th 2011 in Casa Del Lago (Mexico D.F.) at « Poesia en voz Alta » festival. 12 minutes during which time the two artists performed live 4 chorus (2nd, 46th, 66th, 228th) of Jack Kerouac.

Designed by Pablo Duran.

Limited run of 300 pressed on marbled white vinyl 10’’ (25 cm) Kraft Chipboard Jacket has die-cut center hole both sides with colored printed sticker. White inner sleeve. Outer sleeve crystal clear May 2014.

20 €