michel mazzoni

« Αστάρια (Amorces) »

« αστάρια » is a project on which Michel Mazzoni worked for years, step by step, and sometimes at the same time that the edition of its other books. This new opus enlightens the respective genesis of the precedents as much as it shows us the quintessence of the research for the author as artistic practice. It is a return as well as a new beginning with unexpected comings or goings. In this book, some facsimiles of scientific texts are mixing on the principle of the collision and of the echo with the photographs. the use of a thin Bible paper reveal the ghost of every image. With « αστάρια », the spectator is plunged into a universal experience of the « moment » or Epiphany like James Joyce said.

Dimensions 16,2 x 24,4 cm / 6.4 x 9.6 inch
424 pages
170 images / 15 texts in facsimile
Printed on paper Bible Amber Graphic 70 g
Cardboard slipcase printed on both sides

Photographs : Michel Mazzoni
Graphic designer : Manu Blondiau (neutre.be)
Printer: Cassochrome (Waregem – Belgium)

First edition of 300 copies

Published by Alt Editions (Brussels) & Editions Enigmatiques (Paris), June 2017


lionel bayol-thémines


The project called «Ghost» started with a walk along the ocean coast begun at the tip of the Bay of Arcachon (Cap Féret, France) during the summer 2015. Along this walk, going away beaches crowded and cleaned daily, wastes rejected by the sea seem more and more numerous in the form of strips, traces of their beaching during high tides, from the most recent to the oldest.

A leporello designed by Lionel Bayol-Thémines
Text (french – english) by Lionel Bayol-Thémines
24 x 18 cm (folded) / 24 x 720 cm (unfolded)
38 images printed on Symbol Tatami 150gr & 250gr for the cover

Edition of 300 copies including 15 copies numbered from 1 to 15 signed in pencil by the artist with an original and unpublished photograph (archive pigment print on Hahnemuhle paper) numbered & signed.

Published by Editions Enigmatiques, may 2017


michel mazzoni


In the form of assembly of archives images and new creations, Michel Mazzoni realizes with Gravity a photographic poem in homage to the first spatial missions, a narrative fiction inspired by real facts.

A book designed by DojoDesign & Michel Mazzoni
5.8 x 7.9 inches / 15 x 20 cm
Softcover printed with dustjacket
80 pages
35 photographs
Black & white offset printing + silver Pantone on Tatami Symbol paper
Text (french/english) by Benoît Dusart
Edition of 300 copies numbered with an original print signed on the reverse
Co-publication with Arp Publishing
April 2015.

80€ – 10 copies left

mark lewis


By collecting scenes of the history of the cinema, the painting and the photography, INVENTIO tries to re-imagine the experience of the image in movement such as she appeared in the pre-film era: a time when streets, and more generally the urban landscape, lent themselves to a striking and wonderful experience of the animation of the images. Reflections and shadows are not the only elements which, strictly speaking, make some image in movement an integral part of this daily pre-film visualité. The architecture itself, with the frames which it forms through buildings and their openings, becomes a plan activated by our movements making of the whole city an animated space. All this prepared the subject for the experiment of an autonomous unstable image which we name  » the cinema « .
This artist’s book is a complement in three movies realized by Mark Lewis for its personal exhibition: INVENTION IN the LOUVRE from October 9th, 2014 till January 5th, 2015.

Iconography & layout by Mark Lewis
Graphism by Mark Lewis & Antje Welde
7.5 x 9.4 inches / 19 x 24 cm
Black Softcover with long cover flaps
104 pages of images in black and in colors interrupted with double pages in gradations black
Offset printing on couché demi mat 160gr and Black sirio 360gr for the cover
Edition of 600 copies
Co-publication with Musée du Louvre (Paris)
September 2014

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Peter Downsbrough

Set [In

Peter Downsbrough is following a strict visual concept, introducing a specific focus as was already the case in some previously published books : the TWO POLES sculptures, a dice game inspired by Stéphane Mallarmé, a lecture following his first trip to Poland, the demolition of a brewery in Ghent, etc.
SET [IN incorporates 16 black & white photographs showing only quarry stones, brick walls, and concrete slabs in combination with thin horizontal lines, bold vertical bands, and words. Most particular is a mirrored map of the Sahara at the end of the book, with an advisory note about crossing the desert.

A book by Peter Downsbrough
21 x 21 cm
64 pp. (unpaginated)
Stitch bound
Softcover with tracing paper jacket
49 Plates (bracket, drawings, map, photographs, words)
Printed on Pionneer offset 120 & 300gr
Limited edition of 300 copies
January 2013


Guillaume Constantin

BLCK / BLCK (black on black)

BLCK ON BLCK is the facsimile edition of a catalog of an exhibition of Ad Reinhardt published by The Marlborough Gallery in 1970.

A book shared between objectivity, a black offset printing on black paper, and the expressiveness of this absence of colors which so echo certain paradoxes inside the Black Paintings presented here.
Through this gesture, Guillaume Constantin continues his quest for materials and his questioning about the standards and the elementary gestures of manufacturing. These defining the status and the future of the objects which he elaborates or reuses

A book conceived by Guillaume Constantin
27 pp.
21 x 30 cm
Printed black on Black magic paper
Limited edition of 300 copies (colophon off-print, with packaging)
co-publication with Galerie Bertrand Grimont (Paris)
October 2012.

50€ – 25 copies left

michel mazzoni

God’s Left Eye

God’s Left Eye consists of images of fragmented views of the planet (airports, cities or megalopolises, deserts landscape, old sites of nuclear tests), interlaced by quotations of writers and of philosophers who act in the same way as the images, forming as well an exploration at high altitude of  » invisible worlds  » to the naked eye as a graphic journey, or a cartography of territories ceaselessly subjected to the human and natural transformations. The future of our lives in the Whole-World.

A book designed by Pablo Duran & Michel Mazzoni
18,8 x 19,2 cm / 7.4 x 7.56 inches
96 pp.
33 plates in black & white
Printed on Lessebo & Cyclusoffice paper
Quotes in french of James Graham Ballard, Jean Baudrillard, Georges Pérec, etc.
Bilingual postface by Frederic Collier
Limited edition of 400 copies
January 2012

25€ – 50 copies left