James h.d. Brown & Michel Bulteau

L’Inexactitude en tout


michel bulteau & serge teyssot-gay

Mexico City Blues

Mexico City Blues is the final set of a concert of French poet Michel Bulteau & guitarist Serge Teyssot-Gay (ex-member of famous french rock band Noir Désir) played October 7th 2011 in Casa Del Lago (Mexico D.F.) at « Poesia en voz Alta » festival. 12 minutes during which time the two artists performed live 4 chorus (2nd, 46th, 66th, 228th) of Jack Kerouac.

Designed by Pablo Duran.

Limited run of 300 pressed on marbled white vinyl 10’’ (25 cm) Kraft Chipboard Jacket has die-cut center hole both sides with colored printed sticker. White inner sleeve. Outer sleeve crystal clear May 2014.